today’s rant: cloudy with a chance of accidental pretentiousness

there’s no way this won’t come across as arrogant and i’ve got my flaws, mind you, but these are just things i don’t get.

why don’t people understand the difference between “then” and “than”? then is used for expressing a sequence of events. example: we’ll eat dinner THEN go see a movie. than is used for comparing things. example: i like this shirt more THAN that one. my grammar doesn’t seem great on tumblr because i don’t care, but i am more than capable of grammatically correct english. and honestly then/than isn’t even hard to understand. ffs, i’ve had that down pat since elementary. 

why are people so goddamn gullible? no, i don’t mean something big like religion (even though that is in this category). i mean just little, trivial things. you saw it on facebook so it must be true, huh? why don’t you get the backstory before jumping on the bandwagon? there’s no shame in wanting facts before you develop an opinion. don’t feel one way about something because you think it’s how everyone is expected to feel about it. 

(directed at an exceedingly annoying underclassman in my creative writing class) so you’re an atheist. big fucking whoop. i am too, but i’ve got a hell of a lot more tact when it comes to religion/expressing my opinions about religion. you don’t fucking bash christianity in the presence of a predominantly christian classroom, especially when your opinion was completely unwarranted and not out of defense. why? because it’s just plain disrespectful and it puts you on the same level as fundies, you fucking hypocrite. don’t expect your views to be met with tolerance when you do shit like that. i’ve been told i was going to hell more than once after revealing my religious beliefs (or lack thereof), but more often than not, when you’re not a self-righteous asshole about it, religious people get used to it. also, the expression “turn the other cheek” really comes into play a lot when you’re an atheist in a very christian setting. stop being such a baby. 

if i don’t know you that well, yet you’ve still managed to genuinely annoy me or piss me off, you better fucking believe there might be some aspects of your “personality” you need to reevaluate. i am a very nice and accepting person and it takes as little as a polite gesture like holding a door open or saying “thank you” for me to have a positive opinion about you. never mind your beliefs, your appearance, your race, your sexual orientation, your social blunders, your lack of understanding the difference between then/than, if you’re not a total dick to me or others, i like you as a person. point blank. but if i haven’t even gotten to know you and i’ve already made up mind that you’re far away from the kind of person whose existence i even want to be aware of (as already stated, a highly inclusive club), well, fuck. yours is on the bottom rung of social personalities, and let’s just fucking hope you wake up one day and decide to be less of a nuisance. i know that’s incredibly judgmental of me, but i’ve learned to trust my intuition when it comes to judging character. 

and lastly, my kindness is perpetual. according to my family, even as a toddler, i was this nice and tenderhearted. but kindness =/= stupidity nor naivete. i’ve still got a lot of wisdom to earn, but i do know when you’re trying to take advantage of me. i’ve got a very fixed limit. and believe me, behind the philanthropist most people know, there’s a jaded misanthropist seething with contempt and biting words. that’s a side of me normally kept dormant, but it’s always there. i’m not lying when i say i’ve made people cry before. don’t ever think my friendliness is an open door to use me without discretion. my rose-colored glasses haven’t blinded me. i’ll leave you with emotional gouges and hopefully a much smaller sense of entitlement. 

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